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Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
fires warn about something on android phones. >>> also, helping education or hurting education. judge for yourself. the bay area man making international headlines. we go behind the scenes with socon. >>> a massive critical mass right during rush hour in san francisco. thousands upon thousands of cyclists from all over the country are gathering in the plaza to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that ride. even people from out of the country. organizers say there's no planned route. it's a movement literally on the move. san francisco police say expert patrols, including officers on bicycles will be on duty in case of any trouble. drivers, though, will likely experience the biggest inconvenience in all of these years. if not, be patient because cyclists are going to be all around here. >> it is a rolling bike ride, if you will, through the city. so there are no set plans, there are no set routes. basically we just kind of follow them and just essentially monitor this event to make sure that everyone's rights are being respected and that there are no violent confrontations. >> critical m
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
outreach and education. >> the firefighters were, they were miracle workers when they came out here last ten years ago august. we had 11 trucks come out. they worked tirelessly from the beginning to the end. >> we're just grateful and very humbled by the fact that a lot of the businesses want to be able to donate money. >> reporter: investigators included the department of homeland security never found what caused that fire ten years ago. >> they do this every month. tomorrow night's event has a special meaningful thousands of bicyclists will ride on to the streets of san francisco. critical mass is celebrating a critical milestone. here's nbc bay area's joe roseato jr. >> it started amongst a group of friends. >> reporter: 20 years ago, chris carlson and a group of friends hatched a simple plan to unleash the power of the pedal. >> why don't we ride home together once a month. >> reporter: the friday night rides through san francisco filled the commute hour streets with plenty of cyclists and angry drivers. >> by the first 1st year, we had hit 1,000. it didn't take very long to get that
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
difficulties for years, $20 billion has been cut from education in the last few years. now they're scrambling to do more with less, including cutting the school year by up to five days, maybe even up to 15. >> we have one of the shortest school years in the modern global economy. to go from 180 days down to 162 days is unthinkable, but districts are actually planning to do that. >> opponents of the tax hike prop say the threat of more cuts to funding and to the school year is simply a way to gain support for those measures. >>> from the bay area and beyond, thousands of people are taking part in national voter registration day. nowadays it's quick and easy. a nice turnout in downtown oakland where congresswoman barbara lee led a voter registration drive. many people registered the old-fashioned way, but event organizers are also spreading the word that online registration is now available. the alameda county registrar voter says he's seen a spike in registration since the new system went online last week. >> now you can go online and register to vote, which is a very good system. i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3